DU Gestion intégrée des patrimoines et stratégies territoriales (Heritage management and local development strategies programme)

This academic degree stands at the crossroads of territorial development and heritage management, by focusing on the revitalisation of urban centres and local economic activity. Questions of durability and cultural diversity are central to our programme, which aims at developing the interest and singularity of rural and urban contemporary spaces. Throughoutthe year, we’ll explore how new ways of promoting local heritage and culture can reinforce the long-term efficiency of urban planning projects. By developing a creative territorial expertise, our students strive to contribute to local planning and to expand its impact. 

Educational director

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Secretarial office

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Teaching and training

Courses are taught by academic lecturers and researchers, as well as by seasoned professionals, each of them bringing their expertise to the table. We use participatory education techniques to equally share speaking time in class, with the aim of developing the confidence and autonomy of each student. Small classes with flipped classroom dynamics allows each student to share their social and professional experience. Our goal is to help you question your lived experience in the light of academic and professional knowledge.

Teaching and training


Sharing theoretical knowledge in the arts and cultural sectors
Conceptualizing cultural sector approaches for educational purposes
Having a good command of some methodological processes
Understanding the legal, managerial, economic and political environment of the cultural field
Understanding current trends in the performing arts and heritage sectors
Analysing the conditions of implementation of a cultural project
Designing and implementing a cultural project
Having a good command of management tools for the artistic and creative sectors
Understanding the use of communication tools and partnerships
Assessing the administrative and financial management of a cultural project
Assessing the effects of a cultural project
Job opportunities

Our training course offers territorial strategies and management plans for future managers and mediators. We create new project management skills for innovative, integrated urban and heritage planning. We experiment with new ways of showcasing the uniqueness of local landmarks in their material, immaterial, cultural and natural dimensions. Our innovative method aims at bringing together local residents and stakeholders while fostering public engagement – in the context of a mediation, of a negotiation or of conflict management.

Job opportunities