MA 1 CCRF: Conseiller, consultant, responsable de formation (Consulting advisor for training programmes)

The CCRF Master 1 gives you the theoretical and notional knowledge to build your career in the education sector, as an educational manager or a designer of training programmes, among other careers. Our programme offers a specialisation in the education field, along with the constitution of core skills in workplace management: management tools, marketing tools, fundraising tools, and human resources management tools.

Educational director

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Secretarial office

Jean-Philippe THONY
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The CCRF master’s provides you with the methods (collecting and processing quantitative and qualitative data and systemic approach, among others) to develop data-driven, efficient education and training policies, adapted to the private and public sectors, as well as to funding agencies such as the state or regional governments, in the context of lifelong learning programmes. We conduct investigations on regional, national or even international levels.



Analysing data (understanding requests, their context, goals and targeted changes)
Interpreting data (turning an analysis into a list of requirements, problem-solving, creating proofs of concepts)
Designing programmes (defining an educational strategy, choosing the parameters of multimodal programmes, innovating)
Managing programmes (supervising trainees, implementing measures)
Assessing results (assessing the efficiency of the measures taken, comparing with the primary goals, the satisfaction of the funding institution and of the trainees, the return on investment)
Promoting results (presenting and justifying choices in terms of education, methods and means)
Career opportunities

While the CCRF master’s two years have some classes in common, first year students are welcome to study with us for their second year. Our courses aim at preparing you for careers in the following positions: advisor, consultant, tutor, career advisor, funding officer, and financial controller, in the public or private sector.

Career opportunities