Lifelong learning and work-study courses

Boost your skills by combining on-the-job training with academic courses. We are looking to develop lifelong learning opportunities at the Institut with our Lifelong Learning programme (Formation Continue Intégrée). Aimed at professionals and students enrolled in work-study courses, our work-study schemes can have two different frameworks: an apprenticeship contract, or a professional training contract. Find out more by getting in touch with our work-study programme.

Head of department

Véronique Parisot
Phone: +33 3 80 58 98 41

Work-study programme manager

Phone: +33 3 80 58 98 68

Eligible courses

Lifelong learning programmes
Master’s Direction de Projets ou d'Etablissements Culturels (DPEC, Cultural projects and institution management); International Master’s in Projects in International and European Cultural Engineering (PIECE) ; Master’s Conseiller, Consultant, Responsable Formation (CCRF, Consulting advisor for training programmes).

Professional training and apprenticeship contracts
MA 2 Sciences Humaines et Sociales, mention Sciences de l’Education, parcours Conseiller, Consultant, Responsable Formation (CCRF, Consulting advisor for training programmes) [code RNCP 31849]; MA 2 Sciences Humaines et Sociales, mention Direction de Projets ou d'Etablissements Culturels, parcours Ingénierie de l’Action Culturelle (IAC, Outreach project management) or parcours Ingénierie de Projets Interculturels et Internationaux (IPII, Management of intercultural and international projects) [code RNCP 34104]; International Master’s with a specialisation in Projects in International and European Cultural Engineering, or in parcours Culture et Communication (culture and public relations specialisation)

Eligible courses
Professional training contract

A professional training contract allows you to study for an academic degree while being employed. This contract is intended for people of 16 to 25 years of age wishing to complete their studies while actively building a career, as well as to job seekers of over 26 years of age. In the context of our lifelong learning programme, this contract gives you a dual status (of intern and of student), while giving you access to the same degree as our full-time students. Degrees offered in the context of professional training contracts usually attract a great variety of applicants: interns with professional training contracts, full-time students, professionals returning to full-time education.

Professional training contract
Apprenticeship contract

The apprenticeship contract allows people from 16 to 29 years of age to pursue a higher education degree recognised by the French Department for Education. At the Institut, this contract is compatible with our master professionnel programmes. Apprenticeship allows you to further your education while being employed in your sector of choice. We believe that academic teaching and practical application complement each other. Courses are taught on campus for the academic part, and on the job for the hands-on part.